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Tortilla Herb Seedlings Apples Garlic Crusty bread & Ice Cold Beer Artisan Cheese This website is a network for people who want to offer their fresh products and consumers who wish to purchase them. The network will do more than just put it's members in touch with one another. Eventually it will provide co-operative agri services for planting, harvesting, purchasing and delivering products. Signup today! It's FREE for a limited time.
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Surely we all know the planet deserves a rest at least and we are the ones to provide that rest. Anything you can do to give it that rest, however small, whether it is recycling, composting, limiting your driving, using less water, bringing reusable bags for your groceries... the list is long. The results will be clear. What is Colorado Fresh's part in this effort? We are here to partner farmers, ranchers, producers with chefs, restaurants and consumers. To connect local producers with local consumers for not only savings in transportation costs but freshness. What does "freshness" mean? It's all natural and organic foods with less or no genetic modification, hormones and preservatives. In many cases, products will be days and weeks fresher than what you can purchase in local markets. Come join us! Watch us grow and grow with us! Joining is FREE! We'll keep you updated. Soon you will see freshness at your door and on your plates whether it be at home or in your favorite restaurants. Our goal is to make fresher, healthier, wholesome food more convenient and obtainable through our network.